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This isn't fancy, but here are the FAQs ... an ASCII text file ...

DoD FAQ VERSION 10.1.1 updated 2/13/2015
Text version

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DoD Membership List
email: motohead AT DenizensOfDoom.Com

more DoD links ...

KotL hints: PDF / Text
KotL Hint Picture: .uu / .png
DoD List: PDF / Text
DoD Facebook Page
Northeast DoD (NeDoD)
Southeast DoD Usenet Newsgroup
Where it all began...
Washington Post article on the DoD from 10/27/94
Mirror of old Cerritos Photo Archives and MORE w/thumbnails!
2019 DoD Yearbook
2018 DoD Yearbook
2017 DoD Yearbook
2016 DoD Yearbook
2015 DoD Yearbook
2014 DoD Yearbook
2013 DoD Yearbook (13:55)
2012 DoD Yearbook (10:34)
2011 DoD Yearbook (12:30)
15 Minutes with Friends
This premiered at the 2010 Proxy Assault on Pennsylvania.
It primarily focuses on the event's attendees, so there's
a lot of the same couple dozen people.
DoD Inception Movie (2010)
Pancake Breakfast - December 2006
NEW and Improved, Official, Sanctioned DoD Squid Purity Test
Old, Original, Text Based, Official DoD Squid Purity Test
DoD Archive
(was: Mirror of Cerritos Photo Archives)
DoD Stuff for sale in Norway
Tri DoD Page
Lyle D. Gunderson'd page
Rec.Motorcycles FAQ
(as posted on by Ravi Narayan)
What is a Squid?
The Tool-List FAQ (Needs updating!)
Yellow Pages (Needs updating!)
The "OIL" FAQ (Needs updating!)
Motorcycle Oils vs. Automotive Oils (Needs updating!)
ASCII bike list
The Aluminum Cleaning FAQ
Fuel Formulas
Top 10 Reasons Harley Riders Don't Wave
Helmet Laws
("How To Keep Your Motorcycle Alive And Running For A Long Long Time")
Findings from the Hurt Study
Short Bike List (Needs updating!)
Hand Signals
The Chronicles of Mistybutt
The Llama Incident
The Legend of the Spagthorpe
The Spagthorpe Motorcycle Company

Member's home pages ... as we've come across them

Jim Brewer #307's "Big Stick Racing"
David Braun #412
Hal Work #488
Charlie Smith #709
Nick Pettefar #1069
Pete Jensen, DoD #2050
Speedy "HeroHog/Dr Speed" Mercer #8177
Norwegan membership list
Finnish membership list

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